So busy the last few days with the 25th Annual Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival. With seventy-two shows and fourteen venues this year it’s a bit overwhelming. We expect to take in at least eleven shows this year.

Dropped by the Moss Street Market yesterday and, as usual, loaded up with lots of yummy fruits and vegetables. Today was the last Victoria Downtown Public Market Society’s Summer Market in Market Square. Picked up some beautiful yellow beans and lovely Ciabatta bread, which we snacked upon with Roma tomatoes from Moss Street. The Society’s next event is Eat Here Now 2011, Sunday September 11 from 11–4 in Centennial Square. A huge list of local farmers and food makers will be participating in this Harvest Festival.

Our own tiny garden in our window is proving very fruitful indeed! Saddened by four years with no outdoor space of our own, we planted two lovely tomato plants in hanging baskets in one of our south-facing windows. It’s pretty wonderful to be able to eat food you’ve grown yourself, even on a very small scale!

Delicious Ciabatta bread from a local baker with delectable Roma tomatoes from a local farmer.

Our own tomatoes growing in our window.