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It’s coming along nicely! Very exciting for me to see the daily progress; to be closer to seeing the final piece – I still can’t quite imagine what it will be!

As it grows and changes, its magnificence increases.

While out on a little walk today (such a beautiful spring-like day), GJ spotted this cool plaque attached to the side of a telephone pole. I was surprised we hadn’t seen it before, it’s clearly been there a while. I’ll be keeping my eyes open and hope to find more of them around town.

LOVE, all we need is...

Spent a couple hours at the AGGV this afternoon. It was a wonderful walk there today with bright blue skies and crisp cold air. There are several interesting exhibits on right now; here are a few photo highlights:

"Retinue of Thirty-Six Court Officials." This and the next three photos are from the "Enduring Art of China" exhibit.

"Retinue of Servants with Sedan Chair," Ming period.

Ikebana by Amanda Gaunt, Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Carved stone objects 19th and early 20th century. The two pieces top right are carved turquoise and so delicate.

These two pieces plus a video installation by Megan Dickie are among the offerings for the exhibit called "Throw Down."

Part of "Victoria Collects: A View into Private Art Collections from the Region." Some of the artists represented are Gauguin, Mondrian, Warhol, Group of Seven, Oldenburg among many others.

A Meiji period Shinto Shrine adorns the Asian Garden.

A section of the Asian Garden at AGGV.

The back of the original gallery, Spencer Mansion.

The first of several installations of "Sleeping Bag" by Tyler Hodgins. These ice sculptures which address the issue of homelessness will be appearing all over town for the next few months.

GJ spent the last few days reworking the sculpture called Little Sister. It’s even more spectacular now, tho I couldn’t have imagined that possible. We’ll make a new movie of it for the You Tube channel soon.

I love this shot of the studio with the gorgeous Marinoni hanging above the window.