Not sure why I didn’t think to bring our camera to the dinner party at K’s & R’s place last night. The lovely Margaret, visiting from Texas, cooked up a Tex-Mex feast beyond compare! Tostadas piled high with delectable morsels, baked stuffed peppers and baked enchiladas, beans and rice, and for dessert: home-made pralines which were served with coconut milk ice cream. We all ate too much, especially GJ who had two huge plates. It was all so good. Thanks Margaret for the marvelous treat!

Since I did not bring the camera, I took a picture today of two lovely peppers Rebecca gave me on friday when I was at her garden along side two of the pralines we were able to take home from the party last night. It’s taken all my resolve not to eat them today!

Two peppers similar to the ones Margaret stuffed and baked last night as well as two of the pralines which made such a nice dessert.