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A quiet and gentle Yuletide Season has come and gone. The gift of a head cold on Christmas Day forced me to rest for a week, which I needed. We ate great food,  completed a puzzle, watched our favourite festive films, and took some naps.



Victoria was, as usual, decorated and filled with festive cheer. There was no snow this year, but the winter rain made way for many bright clear days.





We enjoyed two amazing Holiday performances: the Victoria Symphony‘s Christmas Pops concert, and local jazz heroes The Tom Vickery Trio playing the Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas Suite at a private party in Chinatown.


And now a new year ahead, filled with possibilities! I will be completing the stories from my autumn trip to the UK, and continuing to work on the art projects which that trip inspired.

Wishing you all the best year ahead!


I took a long walk today and noticed that the temperatures on the Canadian west coast are just beginning to turn towards spring, which is lovely. I look forward to the blossoms, but autumn and winter are my most favourite seasons.

Autumn in 2017 had many highlights. A dear cousin was visiting Victoria with family and friends and we all went to Pagliacci’s for great food and live music.

Pagiacci's with live music.

There was fun with an international flare to be had right in our beloved neighbourhood of Chinatown.


All Hallow’s Eve was spooky and filled with scary surprises around the city. We had a blast with tricks and treats visiting friends in Oak Bay.


In late November we spent two days in Vancouver for a tiny vacation and rendezvous with my sister and Randy. Day one we enjoyed the festive lights of the big city, ate at the always-delicious Bao Bei, and were mesmerized under the Grand Chapiteau for Cirque du Soleil’s show Kurios.


Day two, more wandering before a delicious dinner at Vij’s, then off to the last ferry home.


Victoria, so pretty with festive lights, window displays, and a very impressive “Whoville” gingerbread village at The Empress Hotel.


I catered dessert for a private Holiday party, and saw an impressive Santa and Mrs Claus at a local diner!


Christmas arrived with lots of treats (including Glerup slippers), and tissue paper and gift bag fun for the cats.


And the best gift of all, snow for Christmas Eve and Day!




The cats lend a hand in a variety of ways…


Sunday afternoon, about to start a new project. Lovely warm sunbeams streaming in the windows. But then…


… Bunny Drummond stole my chair!


So, I moved everything over to the sofa, and embroidered a spider.

Sometimes, our wee cat Taxicab decides we cannot get along without her help. Today, she was helping GJ with his new drawing…



The other day, a lovely new friend gifted our cats a wonderfully charming little catnip mouse she had made. The ladies love it!






Our beloved little Taxicab helping GJ make a drawing.


Our young old cat and our old new cat are not yet friends. They tolerate one another, and once in a while, almost play.

I caught these photos yesterday.

Ah, relaxing…

Ah, relaxing…

Not sure if either knew the other was there until the moment of…

What the… !

What the… !

Such a good helper (hinderer), just when GJ is working! Sweetest little girl…




Our new cat Miss Bunny Drummond seems more at home with us every day. She has become particularly fond of GJ, running to greet him when he comes home and curling up on his lap in the evening. She’s such a lovely girl!


Our beloved Taxicab has been having a bit of trouble adjusting to having a new roommate, Bunny Drummond. I caught this event a couple weeks ago when both girls were trying to help me package cards and share a sunbeam. That’s about as close as they have ever been without high-five fighting!