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After our big February snow last year, spring came in swiftly as it does on this wet, west coast. Here are some photos of highlights from Spring 2017:


From snow to snowdrops, an early sign of spring.


Lots of spring-time walks, urban, rural. This one with J in some lovely woodland in Royal Oak.


The city comes alive with cherry and plum blossoms from late February until early April. This beautiful tree is in the Gardens at Government House.


Continued love affair with our beautiful neighbourhood.


In May, dear friends visit from Colorado.


Made time for a treat at my favourite coffee establishments. Hey Happy on Johnson Street (left), and Hide + Seek on Oak Bay Avenue.


As always, we spend time with the cats! Miss Bunny Drummond really loves GJ.


One of my favourite designers opened a new shop on Johnson Street in June. No stranger to Victoria, John Fluevog opened an early store here in 1972. I’m happy he’s back!

Sometimes, our wee cat Taxicab decides we cannot get along without her help. Today, she was helping GJ with his new drawing…



Our young old cat and our old new cat are not yet friends. They tolerate one another, and once in a while, almost play.

I caught these photos yesterday.

Ah, relaxing…

Ah, relaxing…

Not sure if either knew the other was there until the moment of…

What the… !

What the… !

Found these beauties, Cole and Scrat, sleeping in the “snow” in the window at Fan Tan Gallery. They are the shop cats there, and they love to provide wit and delight to this beautiful shop.



New Year’s Eve was quiet, warm and cozy. We cooked a delicious meal with our friend A and her furry friends, built a wonderful fire, and ate and drank and laughed.

A festive setting and a roaring fire, perfect.

A festive setting and a roaring fire, perfect.

Ms Zelda, party girl.

Ms Zelda, party girl.

Mr Carlos cozy in his tube.

Mr Carlos cozy in his tube.

The post-feast warm glow.

The post-feast warm glow.

Our little kitty loves to run out in the hallway outside our apartment. She thinks that something much more magical going on out there than there actually is. Yesterday when she escaped, GJ followed her with the camera, and then spent a few minutes on the kitchen floor trying to catch cute pictures. But, of course, cats just won’t stand still when asked!

Spooky ghost cat in the hall.

Crazy Eyes and Wiggly Light

Crazy Eyes 2

“Don’t look at me!”

These adorables reside at a quaint shop in Chinatown, Victoria BC.

Brother and sister. Cole, on the left, is enormous; the photo doesn't give a true depiction of just how big he is!

A year ago yesterday we lost our little friend Domino. He was 20 years old, so not a bad run. He was the sweetest, gentle, funny and charming cat.

Our friend Domino.

A rare moment sharing a sunbeam.

Unfortunately, this was the last two years of his life: avoiding the brat Taxicab, who desperately wanted to play with the old man!