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After our big February snow last year, spring came in swiftly as it does on this wet, west coast. Here are some photos of highlights from Spring 2017:


From snow to snowdrops, an early sign of spring.


Lots of spring-time walks, urban, rural. This one with J in some lovely woodland in Royal Oak.


The city comes alive with cherry and plum blossoms from late February until early April. This beautiful tree is in the Gardens at Government House.


Continued love affair with our beautiful neighbourhood.


In May, dear friends visit from Colorado.


Made time for a treat at my favourite coffee establishments. Hey Happy on Johnson Street (left), and Hide + Seek on Oak Bay Avenue.


As always, we spend time with the cats! Miss Bunny Drummond really loves GJ.


One of my favourite designers opened a new shop on Johnson Street in June. No stranger to Victoria, John Fluevog opened an early store here in 1972. I’m happy he’s back!


Had a wonderful walk in Saanich with friends yesterday and found ourselves walking through Playfair Park. This park is quite famous in Victoria for its impressive collection of rhododendrons. The rhodos were just at their end stages, but the entire park is worth a visit; a quiet oasis of loveliness. A portion of the park is also being restored as a Garry Oak ecosystem.






We passed a house on our walk the other day; I assume it was a house, it could not be seen from the sidewalk. A high fence surrounded the yard and draped all over the fence was the most lovely assortment of scented flowers. A beautiful pale pink climbing rose with a delicate aroma took centre stage while on either side were honeysuckle bushes in full bloom and fragrance. Lilacs near the end of their bloom were also adding their delicious perfume. Delightful!

I love these delicate blooms.

So showy!

Another gorgeous spring weekend. Our friend Brad Pasutti was having an opening of his new work at Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay, so we hopped on the bus. Amazing paintings and a well-attended opening with red dots! After a while, it was time for coffee, but the delicious bakery (Ottavio) next door to the gallery was packed. So off we trundled into the depths of Oak Bay searching for sustenance. Luckily, not too far along, we found Demitasse Bakery Store on McNeill Avenue. Great little bakery-shop-deli-garden centre where we had a yummy snack. Then we wound our way through the side streets until we reached Beach Drive. Crossing into Fairfield we walked through the beautiful and peaceful Ross Bay Cemetery and then along the water, through the park and home. Wonderful delightful day!

Winchester Galleries Oak Bay location showing the work of Brad Pasutti until April 28; 2260 Oak Bay Avenue.


The Demitasse Bakery Store at 2164 McNeill Avenue, Oak Bay.

Plants to purchase at Demitasse.

Sweet little gate plaque in Oak Bay.

Hard to see in the pic, but the pink snow has begun. Delicate pink petals dance in the air and gather along the curbs. Another good wind will bring them all down.

Kite surfers and others enjoying the beach just west of Clover Point.

The camas are just beginning to bloom at Beacon Hill Park.

Rhododendron season! These are at Beacon Hill Park.