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Walking along the Westsong Walkway last week, we decided to explore a conservation area on the old Matson Lands. At the top of the land sit the Swallows Landing condominium development. The Matson Conservation Area is the last harbour-side endangered Garry oak ecosystem in Victoria. The stairway which hovers above it offers excellent views of not only the harbour, but the wonderful species which inhabit the land. Read more about it here.


The early morning view across the harbour to the neighbourhood of James Bay from the top of the conservation area stairway.


Looking up across the Matson Conservation Area at Swallows Landing.


My first January snowdrop sighting.


We met this fellow on Dunsmuir Road near the entrance to Swallows Landing.

Had a wonderful walk in Saanich with friends yesterday and found ourselves walking through Playfair Park. This park is quite famous in Victoria for its impressive collection of rhododendrons. The rhodos were just at their end stages, but the entire park is worth a visit; a quiet oasis of loveliness. A portion of the park is also being restored as a Garry Oak ecosystem.