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For the month I was in the UK, I was determined to fulfill all the art perks which had been promised to my Indiegogo backers – those which could be produced with pen and watercolour paint. The engravings, which had to wait until I was home, are almost ready to send to the patrons who requested them. I will post those next.

Finding inspiration for these pieces was not hard. Beautiful architecture, lovely nature, vibrant colour, and gorgeous vistas were all around; my heart was so full.

Hopefully these all made it to their recipients.










At the beginning and the end of my big adventure I will have a few nights in London.


I will save most of the art galleries and museums for the next UK journey. These are places GJ and I should go together. However, my London to do list does include the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has a number of very interesting exhibits on while I am there including Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up.

My travel companion told me about Dennis Severs’ House. Part theatre performance, part museum, part art gallery, it sounds like a feast for all of the senses.

One of the London experiences I am most excited about is visiting Highgate Cemetery – not to find famous graves, but for the beauty, solemnity, architecture, and grace. Perhaps I will stumble upon a relative or two.

I will be popping back up to London for two nights in the middle of the trip to rendezvous with my sister who will be briefly in London en route to Dorset. She wants to take me to Camden Market, just for fun!

And for a treat, I would love to visit The Grapes pub, perhaps on quiz night!

I would be thrilled and delighted to find Charles Adrian performing while we are there. His performance, as Ms Samantha Mann, Stories of Love, Death & A Rabbit was one of my most favourite theatre experiences.

And last but not least, I would love to visit Dorothy Circus Gallery. It shows the weird and the wondrous, and I think GJ should show there!

All London suggestions are welcome! Especially art, theatre, puppetry, vegetarian cuisine…




For as long as I can remember – since I was a tiny child – I have been obsessed with the United Kingdom. I have planned and wished and dreamed to be there. When I was very small I would draw and paint scenes from my imagination of rolling fields, hedgerows, sheep and ponies. I have felt forlorn. I have felt hopeful. I am a citizen, yet I have not set foot on her verdant land… until now. September 26 is the day I will arrive. A dear friend has done all the planning, found all the accommodations, and she and I will spend a month traveling in the south of England.


As well as being a time for self-reflection and adventure, I plan to use this month to work on my art practice, and gather material for future projects. I recently began using a simple technique with a pasta machine to do small etchings, embellishing the finished pieces with watercolour and gouache. A recent series of scenes from Victoria’s Chinatown was quite successful. I will work on a new series later in the autumn which will be based on sketches and photos from the towns we visit on the journey.

With encouragement from friends, I have set up an Indiegogo Campaign, giving people the opportunity to support this next phase of my artistic development. Thanks to lovely patrons, within a couple of weeks I had reached 29% of my goal:


I am happy to report I am now at 37% and plan to the extend the campaign for a few more weeks.

I have been spending a bit of time preparing for fulfilling the perks I have included in my campaign – sketching and painting at various spots around Victoria in the warm spring sunshine. It will be so amazing to have a month dedicated to my art. The historic villages, friendly people and spectacular countryside of England will provide inspiration for years to come.



My travel companion asked me, “Won’t you be homesick traveling for a month?” I know I will miss my beloved, and our little cats, but I replied “How can one be homesick when one is finally home.”



Our friend Liz Dempsey creates the most beautiful drawings and paintings. For the last year, four large works have been displayed in the Commercial Alley Public Art Gallery, a collaboration by Open Space Gallery and the City of Victoria. The show runs until August 15, 2016.





I was so happy last week to see Brad Pasutti’s latest work displayed at Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay. Another great collection of paintings by one of my favourite Victoria painters and people.


Brad Pasutti, The Intertwining, June 7–25, 2015, Winchester Gallery


The Center of Gravity, Brad Pasutti 2016


The Anatomy Lesson, 2016; Conan, 2015; The Width of Your Present, 2016.


Pli selon pli, Brad Pasutti 2016

We love our neighbourhood and the fact that it is filled with other artists. So, we thought we should share our experience with visitors from around the world. Check out our website or go straight to tickets at our online store.




We’re having open studio days on the weekends until December 20. In a slow time, when the light so delicious, I took a few pictures around the studio…


My felted pins with Annie’s dollies and Miss Bunny Drummond hanging out in the background.


GJ making sure all the pages of his children’s book of art and poems are ready for the photographer next week.


West corner with Annie Nazarian’s sewn art pieces.


View of the rooftops of Dragon Alley.


Sculptures and things with adorned branches.


Group of things by candlelight and winter light.

Our beloved little Taxicab helping GJ make a drawing.


Here are three new jewellery pieces which are now in our online store. This might be the last jewellery for a while as I’m doing a bit of painting again and thinking about making hats and paper flowers. GJ is working on a new sculpture, which is always exciting for me – I love to watch the progress. You can see his new website here.

A stack of new wings in progress, by GJ Pearson.

A stack of new wings in progress, by GJ Pearson.

© Firehorse Designs 2015

© Firehorse Designs 2015

© Firehorse Designs 2015

© Firehorse Designs 2015

© Firehorse Designs 2015

© Firehorse Designs 2015

I’ve been working on a few new pieces lately. This one took forever, and I’m very happy with it. The glass and brass pieces are probably from a bracelet. I found them in a random bag of bits and pieces, mostly broken, I bought at the flea market a few years ago. The rest is new – freshwater pearls, amethyst, and smokey quartz with a brass clasp.

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015

Necklace © Firehorse Designs 2015