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I was so happy last week to see Brad Pasutti’s latest work displayed at Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay. Another great collection of paintings by one of my favourite Victoria painters and people.


Brad Pasutti, The Intertwining, June 7–25, 2015, Winchester Gallery


The Center of Gravity, Brad Pasutti 2016


The Anatomy Lesson, 2016; Conan, 2015; The Width of Your Present, 2016.


Pli selon pli, Brad Pasutti 2016

Last Saturday we attended the opening of the marvelous Joe Coffey at Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay. It was very crowded so I wasn’t able to take many photos. Another amazing body of work, beautifully presented. I would encourage everyone who lives in this area to go have a browse. And we send Joe our congratulations on the great success of this show!

This show runs until October 27.

I loved the variety of subject in this collection.

Beautiful equestrian pieces and gallery refreshments.

The artist engaged with friends and clients.