I thought I’d have more to report on the local Tofino food scene. There are many amazing restaurants in Tofino, but our little kitchen at Gold Coast was so welcoming, so we ate in every night. We did have a pretty good lunch at Tacofino, a Mexican food cart in a funny little complex of shops on the way into town (also now in Vancouver, BC). We also stopped at that complex a couple time to buy fresh produce at the tiniest little grocery store called Beaches. The last time we were there we had intended to check of the coffee shop and the chocolate shop at the same complex, but a seven-hour power outage had closed everything down. We were very thankful for our gas stove that night. GJ and I intent to make a return trip to Tofino soon when we will attempt to eat at as many of the local establishments as possible! Sobo is one place I’m particularly curious about.




Some beautiful local mussels which GJ cooked deliciously!