OCTOBER 4, 2011.  Today we walked. And walked. Had a lovely breakfast at Lola. GJ’s meal was incredible: tomato goat chefs scramble with the most incredible garlic smashed potatoes (like a roasted whole potato that’s been hit with a hammer). Then we walked through town, popped into a couple shops and ended up at the Frye Art Museum. They had a wonderful exhibit running: Gabriel van Max: Betailed Cousins and Phantasms. Spent a few hours there and then found an amazing Ethiopian place at 110 12th Avenue called Saba. Had a delicious early dinner of the large vegetarian platter which we were barely able to finish. Walked home through rush hour which was fun to watch. Nice to see so many people using the transit system. Rested our tummies for a bit then went back out two blocks for Molly Moon Ice Cream! Food-filled day! (with great art!)





The beautiful Frye Art Museum, Seattle WA.

So good Ethiopian food.

Oh no! Three scoops! Theo chocolate, salted caramel and blackberry.