OCTOBER 6, 2011.  What an amazing day! We ate breakfast at the hotel today, as it’s included, then headed out toward the Portland Art Museum. It was also the Portland monthly art event called First Thursday this evening. Had a fabulous dinner at a place in The Pearl called Piazza Italia which was super delicious, a small piece of Italy. And to top it all off, witnessed a slice of democracy as 5000+ took to the street for Occupy Portland. Below are a few photos and links to enjoy:




We had just come out of the Museum when we saw the Occupy Portland Protest going by. You can just see the crowd in the background. Estimated at approximately 5000 people.

Portland has a lot of public art and some very lovely architecture, old and new.

The beautiful Portland Art Museum. Spent almost all day there.

Found this sign that I liked. Portland is a very alternate-transportation-friendly city.

The famous block of food trucks. It all looked so yummy!