OCTOBER 8, 2011.  Another action-packed day with more gardens. We walked uphill to Washington Park this morning, another beautiful Portland gem. We saw lots of birds and squirrels, went to the International Rose Test Gardens and the Japanese Garden. We also finally ate at the food carts: oh my a lot of food for so little $!, but lots of plastic waste. The quality was fantastic and it was all so delicious. There were too many choices tho. After lunch we headed back into the Pearl and enjoyed bubble tea, then walked down to and along the Waterfront Park. The Portland Marathon is happening this weekend, so it’s super busy here right now; very vibrant and excited energy! We also saw the best dog ever having a world of fun at a water park. Here are some pics and links:




An entrance to Washington Park.

GJ's yummy snack from a Korean food cart. Mine was too overwhelming to photograph: huge container of Pho soup and two enormous veg salad rolls for $8.

Bamboo bike!

Super swank cycling shoes.

Frosty bubble tea at The Teazone.

Dogs teach us so much: live life to the fullest and have fun!