OCTOBER 14, 2011.  Back to Golden Gate Park today to the California Academy of Sciences, a beautiful natural history museum. It is a remarkable facility. The Rainforests of the World exhibit, amazing aquarium, planetarium, and a green structure with a 2.5-acre green roof. It had a wonderful education/conservation leaning. We spent all day there and I did not want to leave. On the way home we stopped at a wonderful Moroccan/Tunisian restaurant called Cafe Zitouna, corner of Sutter and Polk. I forgot to take a photo of our delicious dinner, but it was amazing.


A view from above of the Northern Californian Coast Gallery which wraps around the Rainforest exhibit.

Looking down onto one side of the Academy at the Philippine Coral Reef Gallery which wraps around part of the Planetarium.

Looking down into the Amazonian Flooded Forest which can also be viewed from below.

This butterfly is called a Postman.

In the Rainforest exhibit, birds and butterflies fly free all around you.

This little fish on the right stared at us for about 5 minutes and the movements of his/her mouth looked like he/she was trying very hard to tell us something very important!

Part of the green roof CAS; it has seven hills to mimic the seven hills of San Francisco.

The moon rise over the city by the bay.