OCTOBER 16, 2011.  Slept in, way in, today. Weren’t really sure what to do so we did some research about what museums we had yet to explore. Decided on the Contemporary Jewish Museum which had a very nice Houdini exhibit and the last day of an exhibit called Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre? which is a huge body of work created by a young woman shortly before she died at Auschwitz. We were hungry for a snack and found an amazing place called Samovar Tea Lounge where we had tea and a delicious brownie. After that treat we wandered around the Yerba Buena Gardens, including the Martin Luther King Memorial. Then we found the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts galleries which was free today as the entire Yerba Buena site was hosting a Family Day which included live entertainment and free admission to many of the galleries in the area. The YBCA had just opened an amazing show called The Matter Within: New Contemporary Art of India. My favourite among the wonderful artists represented was Nikhil Chopra. I’ve included his website with the links below. That led us to dinner time so we stopped at a Sushi place not far from the hotel called Sudachi. Yum! Tomorrow is our last full day and we have a full day planned.






The Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco.

A partial view of the interior of Samovar Tea Lounge.

Our delicious snack at Samovar.

A section of the Martin Luther King Memorial which is an absolutely gorgeous water garden work of art.

There were several of these panels with different MLK quotes engraved on them in English and one other language.

The Yerba Buena Center for Arts.

Looking down on The Matter Within.

A lovely courtyard and pond inside the Yerba Buena Centre for Arts.

This is what we found as we exited the YBCA; so beautiful.