22 December 2011   Awesome day! I cross country skied for the first time ever! A beautiful day, crisp and mostly clear. My amazing sister and I hit the beginner run at the Nelson Nordic Ski Club and she gave me excellent instruction. We only did two laps of a very easy track, but I’m sure sore today. We’ll go again tomorrow and then we’ll head to the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club for an 8km ski on Boxing Day. Oh boy! Other wonderful things from yesterday were delicious breakfast at The Bent Fork, met some fantastic friends of our family, picked up the turkey at Ellison’s Mercantile which was having customer appreciation night and then absolutely unreal Indian food at Baba’s.



Christmas tree at my sis's house in Nelson BC.

Tree close-up: little glass owl.

The setting of my first ski ever: The Nelson Nordic Sk Club.

Cute and kitschy with such good food: The Bent Fork, Nelson BC.