24 December 2011   What a wonderful thing to wake up to new snow! I had been trying hard to hide my disappointment at the amount of snow here since we arrived. White tho it was, the magical trees heavy with snow, gentle flakes falling and general winter wonderland was missing. Not anymore. A good bit fell over night and continued most of the day. So beautiful! My sister made the most delicious crèpes for breakfast before we headed back to the Nelson Nordic Club for day two of skiing. Everything I learned two days ago seems to have stuck and I felt far more confident today. The site was even more incredibly breathtaking with all the new snow. We travelled about 6k and I learned how to snow plow. After returning home and a lot of stretching we headed to some friends of sis of a fantastic dinner. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures, but it was delicious. And a delightful family with two gorgeous children. The 2-year-old kept us laughing all evening. Midnight mass for old times sake and off to bed to wait for Santa!

Began the morning in style with delicious crèpes.

Snow was not going to stop the people of Nelson from last minute Holiday shopping!

Quite a different scene at the Nelson Nordic Ski Club this morning with all the new snow. It was quite a bit warmer today and we had a very pleasant ski!

Here I am doing my new favourite thing. I guess it's confirmed that we need to move to a more snowy climate!

On the right of this photo you can see the tracks of an animal left sometime in the night. Sis thought maybe coyote.

My genius sister packed us some grilling cheese sandwiches wrapped in foil which we just popped onto the wood stove in the hut at the end of our ski. They were delicious accompanied by hot apple cider.