26 December 2011   What a magic day of skiing! A new local for me, the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club. Sis and I did the 8km beginner trail with a midway stop at a hut for more marvellous grilled cheese sandwiches. The sky was clear for the 4km to the hut; small birds could be heard in the tree tops. That first leg, Booty’s Trail, had lots of small dips and climbs. The hut was warm and cozy. When we emerged after our delicious lunch, the sky had changed dramatically. We began the second loop, Ben Shaw Trail, just as a few delicate snow flakes began to fall. Home for Christmas dinner leftovers. Perfect day!


Just before we arrived at the hut, we crossed a small bridge over this beautiful scene.

Our little sandwiches grilling on the stove in the hut.

The finished product, yum!

Our little luncheon hideaway, Ben Shaw Hut.

The Welcome sign at Ben Shaw Hut.

The beginning of the second leg, Ben Shaw Trail.

Looking back the way we came, Booty's Trail.