Yesterday was a perfect winter day: bright with sun and a gathering sky which hinted that snow may be coming (wasn’t). I headed out on la mia bella bicicletta into the busy city. I stuck to the side roads through the neighbourhoods of North Park, Fernwood and Jubilee before crossing the border into Oak Bay. A short stop to take in all the sensual delights at Pure Vanilla  Bakery and then onto the Estevan Village. I stopped at the studio of Phyllis Serota for a short visit. Phyllis is preparing for her next show at her studio on February 19. She has just published a book of memoirs of her life called “Painting my life.” I’ve always found that Phyllis’ work feels very intimate, even if the viewer doesn’t know the story in the painting. With her book, she brings the viewer more clearly into her world with a loving, vibrant account of her life thus far. I headed next through the Estevan Village, worth a visit, with many lovely shops and eateries. Just a block from the ocean I rode along the water for a spell and finally wound my way through Oak Bay into Fairfield. The light was already fading by 3 pm so I headed home to meet GJ and go for a short walk and sunset.

My wonderful bicycle.

Phyllis Serota's new book and a lovely article in this month's Focus Magazine.

Heading into Estevan Village.

Estevan Village

Willows Park, Oak Bay

Oak Bay Marina

Sunset at Victoria's Inner Harbour.