Apologies friends for my snow enthusiasm, especially those of you who live in snowy parts of the world and either take the cold snowy winter in stride or curse it daily. We rarely get any snow. A large number of the people who are not from here but move here would include “mild climate” among their reasons to live in Victoria. I just love the snow. Not just the beauty of it, but how (here anyway) it forces us to just slow down a bit. I’m sorry that it infringes on retail revenue, and sadly can cause terror and injury on the road. But since we have it hardly ever, I’m going to revel in it for as long as it sticks around! A couple pics from the back of our building this morning before it had been too disturbed.

Wish I'd made a snowman before all that fluffy magic was shoveled!

I love the architecture of the building we live in, especially decorated in snow.