A wild and windy day in Victoria didn’t stop us from enjoying a long walk with dear friends George and Catriona. After filling our tummies with yummy brunch at Mo:lé, we headed out in the wind to walk our favourite harbour and seaside route. A stop at Fisherman’s Wharf allowed us a visit with the resident harbour seals, mom and pop and their baby which was so cute and half the size of its parents. Our second stop was at the beautiful totem pole in Beacon Hill Park which was restored last year to former glory, hopefully to share its beauty with us for many more decades. Cake and coffee followed at Trè Fantastico before we made our way back downtown.

The adults, so comfortable with the humans watching them, are waiting for someone to provide them some fish from the Fish Store on the dock.

One of the parents with baby (head poking out); couldn't get a shot of all three of them together.

It was incredible to be standing beside the Totem Pole yesterday as it was swaying so much in the gusting wind.

So beautiful up close too!

Totem Plaque.