A great windy day yesterday so we incorporated a long walk around the waterfront with the more mundane tasks of dropping off tax returns and picking up cat food. It is so much fun to walk in the wind, smell the fresh spring air and feel the strength of the ocean as it crashes on the shore. We had a lovely encounter with a Hummingbird who let GJ get quite close to him to take some pictures. The camas is blooming along with the buttercup and a few fawn lilies still showing off. Because it’s wild flower season, the parks crews have left the grassy fields along the waterfront long and wild, and the wind was making them sing.

Beautiful long grass leaning down in the wind. We had just met the cutest little bulldog who came bounding through the grass with pure abandon and delight.

The camas brings the purple tinge to the green meadows.

Little Hummingbird resting in the breeze.

Pretty close...

A little closer...

Too bad the light didn't capture his brightly-coloured head.

Found this burst of blue in a yard on the way home.