As per our usual Vancouver trip routine, after checking in at our favourite hotel, The Sylvia, we head out to walk the waterfront on English Bay. A quick water taxi hop over to Granville Island and then walk up South Granville investigating the newest shows at art galleries and poking around our favourite shops. I usually try on about 2 dozen items at Anthropologie and GJ helps me choose which ones look best! Then we walk down to Vij’s to line up for the first sitting at 5:30. I think this time we were there at 4:45! Luckily the rain held off mostly and being first in line we were able to stay dry. Our meal, as usual, was superb. I’ve been branching out a little to eat a bit of meat again, especially when we travel. I try to eat only organic ethically raised meat. Mr Vij seems to care greatly about his product and his guests so I feel pretty Ok about eating a bit of meat there, altho there are lots of vegetarian choices. We started with the Samosas. We don’t usually have a starter, but these were amazing: Samosas filled with lamb and beef sauteed in fennel, cloves and sumac. Incredible flavours and the coconut raita-like concoction on the side was delicious. For mains we split the Split pea and spinach mash and spicy millet/bulghar dumplings with vegetables sautéed in pomegranate curry and the Lemon-ghee marinated and grilled organic chicken breast and thigh in tangy tomato curry with roasted garlic and cashews. For dessert I always like the Kheer. We really didn’t need dessert and GJ only helped out with a couple spoonfuls. But it is a delicious, light finish to all the intense flavours of the meal. And the best treat was that Mr. Vij was there that evening. Such a perfect host. Great food, impeccable service, beautiful surroundings: we highly recommend eating here if you are in Vancouver.

The water garden planters outside always contain floating candles and flowers. Really lovely when it’s dark out.

Vij’s logo, this running elephant, appears here and there. This one is on the edge of the concrete water garden outside on the entrance patio.

Love the elephant motif continued in the wall lamps, elephants shining on the walls.

The table setting with our beverages. GJ had a beer and I had a cocktail called a Dark Army. Yum.

The Samosas.

Our main dished served with naan and rice.

Kheer topped with toasted pistachio nuts and edible silver leaf.