Our pals Stephanie and Ryan from Knotty by Nature and their pal Fran e have a show on right now at the Phillips Brewery. Ryan is showcasing scarves he’s made both woven and nuno felted. Stephanie has a couple larger projects including a shawl made from silk which she spun herself then wove. Fran e has some lovely paintings. This show will be up until the end of July. Visit Knotty by Nature on Lillian Road in Fairfield to see more examples of fibre projects as well as wools and silks for sale, and find out about classes offered.

Phillips Brewery has a great space and showcases local artists monthly.

Two pieces by Stephanie. The silk shawl is extraordinary.

I loved this felted piece.

Beautiful weavings by Ryan.

Woven and felted scarves by Ryan and paintings by Fran e.