Day 10, which was Remembrance Day, it had been very cold. So on Monday I thought I would layer up with icebreaker and smart wool. My luck, it was a weirdly warm day and I suffered! But it was a fun day. We departed the hotel around 10 and took the Metro to the Mont Royal Station. Montréal has an exceptional transit and subway system. We took it several times and found the subway clean and efficient. Met up with our TO friends and had a great breakfast at Café el Dorado. Then we walked up through Mile End, window gazing and drinking coffee (GJ says it was “No shit, shut up and drink your coffee” coffee: possibly the best coffee he’s ever had) at Café Olimpico. Left our lovely friends and walked back towards Mont Royal.

The Mont Royal Metro Station.

Super cool fibre art embraces a boulevard tree.

Yes, it’s a fire hall. This would have been turned into condos where we live!

Apparently the best bagels. We look forward to trying them soon.

Around every corner, extraordinary architecture.

One of the many tin ceilings we saw on our travels. We want our next home to have this feature!

We sure enjoyed hanging out with this beautiful, beautiful baby!

The amazing café old-school sign.