Tuesday morning we were up early and headed out to explore the neighbourhoods of St-Henri, Little Burgundy and Griffintown. We could have taken the subway, but it was a clear, windy day and we decided to walk. From the bottom of St-Sulpice we turned right and headed out along the port and continued along the Lachine Canal. The walking and biking trails were unforgettable. Lots to see and very few people. I suspect in the summer and on most weekends more would be out enjoying this part of the city.

The view to the iconic Habitat 67.

A whole city that is in itself art, plus a lot of public art.

Floating barge spa, how awesome!

More pretty buildings and lots of parks and green spaces in Montréal.

This was so cool, a vegetable garden planted beside this overpass. It looked like it was actively being used.

The view of where we had been the day before, Mont Royal Chalet.

The Lachine Canal is still in operation and a National Historic Site.

GJ is always taking pics of me when I’m not looking. I like that this captures both of us, sort of.

Love this moody shot.

This building was beautiful, right on the canal. There were several “For Sale” signs in windows.