How can it be almost two years since I have written anything here? Well, the last year I can understand. What was there to write about through a global pandemic that wasn’t the same fear, stress and worry we have all been feeling? The year before that is harder to explain and has a hold on me still. And really, it’s so minor in the big scheme of things. I am healthy, I have a nice home, great family and friends, enough income. Possibly it’s the old stereotype about middle age – What’s left? Will I have enough time? Will there be opportunities to fulfill my dreams? Do I have anything to say and share?

Then I remember the reason I started this blog, as a journal of appreciation and beauty. And there is so much to appreciate, always. Beauty and adventure are my true goals. I have to believe the details will fall into place.

So for now, I leave you with some cherry blossoms which are bursting all around this little city on Canada’s west coast. And as always, thank you for reading!