Summertime! – a pretty magical season in Victoria – flowers, flowers everywhere; an abundance of opportunities to indulge in ice cream; amazing walking and cycling; not too hot, not too cold. For me summer also means Birthday! My 2021 Birthday was mostly about cakes and tea parties. There were several picnics outdoors with friends, and special treats at Abkhazi Gardens and Butchart Gardens (where I won GJ over to the high tea experience!). My other big birthday treat was gifted by my sister: a teeny tiny printing press by Open Press Project. I am still learning all the processes I can use with this press, and getting used to the tiny size, but I truly love it!

As summer begins to wane in late August and early September, sometimes fog sits beautifully over the harbour and among the 100+-year-old buildings of Old Town. Morning walks become extra special with a hint of autumn in the air, and the turning of the leaves.

The weather was beautiful in early October. We were thrilled to have a day adventure to French Beach, about an hour west of Victoria by car. On the 8th we journeyed by bus out to Butchart Gardens to take in the autumn colours. We bought year passes to the garden so we could experience it in every season.

Later in October the days grew stormier. We feasted with our bubble for Thanksgiving (I made a pear-cranberry-frangipane tart), and enjoyed the cozy nights around All Hallows’ Eve.