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It is the wintery season and my thoughts turn to hot chocolate. For this year, I’m going to post about what’s new in Victoria and hopefully, I will find some new gems.

A delightful little coffee shop called Hide + Seek Coffee has recently opened in Oak Bay. I loved the atmosphere and the super-friendly staff. We enjoyed one of their versions of hot chocolate: organic camino coco and a bit of sugar with the milk of your choice. It was delicious and bitter-sweet.

I’ll be visiting again soon to try their London Fog and sample a baked treat or two. They have some nice looking gluten-free options.


2207 Oak Bay Avenue, near Hampshire Road.


Slight fail with the foam decoration on the right was handled with humour. Didn’t make any difference to the flavour! Plus I think it’s a perfectly rendered sea turtle.


Fun staff making delicious drinks.


I loved the mixture of beautifully upholstered Danish mid-century and contemporary furnishings.The atmosphere was very pleasing.

The last day of February and I’m squeezing in a couple more hot chocolate treats. Yesterday, I had a lovely one at Street Level Espresso. Dark, rich, creamy and beautifully presented with a piece of chocolate on the side.


Last one! Maybe until next year! Out early this morning for a lovely walk. Spring was in the air and the sky was blue. I stopped in at a Victoria icon, Murchie’s, for hot chocolate and a currant scone with jam and cream. Very lovely.



The hot chocolate search will continue, but I will be drawn back again and again to Chocolat, Chocolatiere de Victoria. It’s understandable that a chocolatiere would be the place to find exquisite hot chocolate, what’s not understandable is why I hadn’t tried it before yesterday! I have bought delicious chocolates there many times. It’s probably just too tempting a place to be; as we enjoyed our delicious beverages I was thinking about all the chocolates to try! There is some cozy seating in which to savour your hot chocolate (several varieties including Chili Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Chai) as well as coffees and lovely desserts.

On the left, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, and right is a Dark Hot Chocolate without the whip.

On the left, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, and right is a Dark Hot Chocolate without the whip.

Chocolat, 703 Fort Street, Victoria BC

Chocolat, 703 Fort Street, Victoria BC

Valentine’s Eve breakfast this morning: homemade chocolate walnut sticky buns with cinnamon. I used this recipe for naan bread. I rolled out the dough after it had risen for about 2 hours, brushed it with melted butter, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, toasted organic walnuts and chopped organic chocolate. After rolling it up like a jelly roll, I cut into 11 pieces and placed cut side down in a nine-inch round cake pan lined with parchment. The tops were brushed with butter and sprinkled with more cinnamon sugar. Very delicious and not too sweet!




Popped into JagaSilk again today to see if they offered a chocolaty delight for my February blogging; of course they do! We enjoyed their Aztec Chocolate Drink: single origin chocolate from The Philippines, direct source cinnamon from India, a pinch of cayenne, a touch of penela (raw-unrefined cane juice) and organic milk. Truly divine! Miyuki and Jared are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and what they offer. They would love to tell you all about the magic of this drink and, of course, maccha.

Aztec Chocolate Drink at JagaSilk, Victoria BC.

Aztec Chocolate Drink at JagaSilk, Victoria BC.

February; winter is still here. Love and the promise of spring are in the air. So I will dedicate myself to my hot chocolate obsession, and look for other lovely things to photograph.

I begin with my enduring favourite: peppermint hot chocolate from Bean Around the World. Made with peppermint tea instead of syrup, it’s rich and satisfying, and always beautifully presented.

I want on of these right now!

I want on of these right now!

Fun and eclectic, one of my favourite Chinatown hangouts.

Fun and eclectic, one of my favourite Chinatown hangouts.