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Made another of my weird bunnies plus a blanket from super soft baby alpaca for our new little friend who lives much too far away.


Finally the reveal of a new baby’s hat I made a while ago. Couldn’t reveal it until the family received it and couldn’t send it until I finished the other part of the gift: one of my weird bunnies. I’m particularly pleased with this one, altho the felted flower embellishment looks more to me like a cross section of a tropical fruit than a flower! The second photo is a little felted flower pin I made this week. It’s was a gift for my favourite gal at the bank. She’s moving to another branch in another city to be closer to family. She is truly gifted in customer service and made a true effort to connect to her customers. I love making connections with people. Not just my close friends and family, but the people I meet and interact with in my neighbourhood, in my city, in the world. Even a smile or friendly word in passing with a stranger can hold a weighty amount of joy.

Super soft alpaca for this little hat.

Needle felted wool roving and cultured pearls.

A blanket and hat for D’s and A’s baby girl due next month. The felted embellishments on the blanket are on both sides of one corner.

A small, warm blanket with stocking-knit pattern and needle felted embellishment.

Flip the corner and the embellishment is the same.

Some pink, orange and teal on a white soft wool stocking-knit cap

We were at a baby shower last weekend for lovely friends who are expecting their first. We weren’t told boy or girl, so I have to hope the things I made will work for either!

Weird bunny, in profile. I used to make lots of these many years ago. Will be making a few more in the next few weeks for more new and coming babies. He's crude, but lovable!

Found this patterned corduroy that works very well for weird bunny.

My grandmother always insisted babies can only wear pastels; me, not so much.