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Most Fridays, I head out at 7:15 to meet a lovely friend for a walk. We choose from a few different favourite routes. It’s been fun to see how the light changes each week.

The last three Fridays have provided a variety of weather. January 21 offered the most beautiful sunrise. We took the Westsong Walkway around the inner harbour to Esquimalt. The bird watching is particularly good along this route.

January 28, we walk through delicious fog downtown and along the outer harbour walkway to James Bay.

Last Friday was just a late-winter cloudy day, but it was so much brighter when I set out!

What a glorious day for the annual New Year’s Day Breakwater Walk. This was our second year attending this delightful walk with a group of perfectly lovely people, headed by┬áJulian, our New Year’s Day hero, who roused us to take on this brisk day and revel in its beauty. Happy New Year to all!