The baking of cake has always been a challenge for me. Pie, no problem; cookies, awesome! Almost every year in the yule-tide season I make fruit cake, my Grandmother’s recipe, but with all organic fruit which has soaked in rum for months ahead. It always turns out perfect and delicious, but at a cost. This year I dropped a glass canister which I had just filled with organic flour on the floor, smash! Last year, the basket on the front of my bicycle fell off as I was hauling the bike up the stairs to our building: bottle of rum, smash! And so it goes. However, I endure. Last weekend was our dear friend Connor’s birthday. I know he loves carrot cake and I have always wanted to make one. So I turned to the Rebar Cookbook, published by a local Victoria restaurant, as I knew their cake was very good. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result! It was beautiful and delicious!

Found this blog while looking for links to the cookbook:

The cookbook is available at the restaurant and it’s sister bakeries Cascadia downtown and Pure Vanilla in Oak Bay, at local Victoria book shops and at Amazon.

Rich moist carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing, YUM!