We were sad to leave Quebec City, but excited to be heading to Montreal. Our last day started with perfect homemade crèpes  and a few last hours with my wonderful cousins. We had a last quick stop downtown to pick up some snacks and try what is reputedly the best hot chocolate in town: it was amazing! Erico Chocolat Frais and Choco Musée at 634 rue Saint-Jean is worth a visit. A huge selection of chocolate delicacies and a menu of hot chocolate: the three we tried were all fantastic. Hopped onto the Via Rail to Montréal and the third leg of our Belle Province vacances!

GJ took this funny picture of Jasper at breakfast our last morning in Quebec City.

Two of the four pairs of slippers we commissioned from a beautiful artisan we met in Victoria along the causeway where First Nations and other artisans sell their beautiful crafts.

I wish we had had more time at Erico Chocolat. We tried three different types of hot chocolate. The largest cup was mine: thick like hot pudding!

Bought a few snacks at this charming little shop: J.A.Moisan. It was full of gorgeous groceries, chocolate, cheese, household items, tea and all things beautiful and delicious.

Getting some blogging started on the train ride from Quebec City to Montréal.

We love the train; no traffic, beautiful scenery…

Final approach to Montréal.