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We were sad to leave Quebec City, but excited to be heading to Montreal. Our last day started with perfect homemade crèpes  and a few last hours with my wonderful cousins. We had a last quick stop downtown to pick up some snacks and try what is reputedly the best hot chocolate in town: it was amazing! Erico Chocolat Frais and Choco Musée at 634 rue Saint-Jean is worth a visit. A huge selection of chocolate delicacies and a menu of hot chocolate: the three we tried were all fantastic. Hopped onto the Via Rail to Montréal and the third leg of our Belle Province vacances!

GJ took this funny picture of Jasper at breakfast our last morning in Quebec City.

Two of the four pairs of slippers we commissioned from a beautiful artisan we met in Victoria along the causeway where First Nations and other artisans sell their beautiful crafts.

I wish we had had more time at Erico Chocolat. We tried three different types of hot chocolate. The largest cup was mine: thick like hot pudding!

Bought a few snacks at this charming little shop: J.A.Moisan. It was full of gorgeous groceries, chocolate, cheese, household items, tea and all things beautiful and delicious.

Getting some blogging started on the train ride from Quebec City to Montréal.

We love the train; no traffic, beautiful scenery…

Final approach to Montréal.

We were very sad that our final evening with family was upon us, but very happy to have delicious cheese fondue for dinner! My cousin’s cat was in love with GJ and he took many pictures of her.

Mmmmmmm, fondue…

This is Shandy. She reminds me a lot of another lovely little girl called Spatz.

Camera full of whiskers!

Miscellaneous shots from our last full day in Quebec City. It was yet another splendid day!

Lost track of the Church names. Let’s just call it “Impressive Church No.23.”

More random architecture.

Statues and monuments.

Church detail and bird sanctuary from the cold.

Turrets on an apartment building!

The “art” shot.

GJ the tourist.

The Châteaux Frontenac.

Rooftop view from the Dufferin Boardwalk.

Stunning views everywhere!

Looking out from near the Champlain Monument towards rue-Fort.

Monument near the Chateaux Frontenac.

More beautiful architecture.

One more last view of the skating rink.

This shop in Vieux-Québec had the most exquisite collection of glass shade lamps. I think they were Turkish.

Battlefields Park, combining the Plains of Abraham and Des Braves Park, is an historic park in the heart of Quebec City. Witness to clashes between French and British troops and the the 1759 history changing conquest, this 103-hectare park is now a city treasure  enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. We left our amazing lunch at Le Hobbit and walked to the park and then followed the Dufferin Boardwalk along to the heart of Vieux-Quebec.

We entered the park here, near the Joan of Arc Monument.


A perfect crisp day for exploring.

Remains of battle.

Looking out across the St-Lawrence.

Beautiful vantage points at every turn.

Continuing along the Dufferin Terrace.

The beautiful boardwalk below the Chateaux Frontenac. When we were here two years ago, parts of this boardwalk were under reconstruction while the historic old fort was being excavated and turned into an historic site.

Another big day for photos so will break this day up into a few posts. Spent another lovely morning with my family and then into town. My cousins had a previous engagement, so GJ and I decided to explore some more of the city; sort of our tourist day. Firstly, we had the most amazing lunch at a delightful restaurant called Le Hobbit. We only managed to get in as we arrived at about 11:40. Most of the tables were already reserved and after we were seated, many people were turned away. We ordered from the daily menu which included soup (which was divine) and tea/coffee. We also shared a delicious dessert.

My lunch was Filet de Sole, beurre blanc, lime et coriander

GJ had Bavette boeuf, sauce aux épices.

Chocolate almond cake with chocolate ganache, butterscotch and almond biscuit.

Hobbit Bistro at 700 rue St-Jean in Quebec City.

Jeudi 8 novembre: we spent about three hours at Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec, a gorgeous gallery museum on the edge of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. This museum has an impressive collection of Quebec artwork dating from the 17th Century. A special exhibit of Art and Nature in the Middle Ages was underway while we were there. We also felt privileged to see a free concert by students of the Conservatory of Music in one of the auditoriums during our visit.

Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

The beautiful banner for the show that was on while we were at Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

The building on the left is the wing which had been a prison.

Spent a few hours exploring Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilisation. They have a very interesting exhibit of Nigerian art right now. Also walked over to the Public Market which, even at this time of year, has lots of local produce and products: especially apples, beautiful beautiful apples!

A gorgeous building and interesting collection. An afternoon’s adventure.

Take-away cups aside, this Chocolat Chaud was pretty good, but the croissants were fantastic.

We love to visit GALERIE LACROIX AC in Québec. It’s a beautiful space on Rue du Sault-au-Matelot featuring a collection of international artists whose work is fantastical and extraordinary. My favourite artist represented here is Bernard Louedin.

Galerie LaCroix AC, 21, Rue Sault-au-Matelot, Vieux-Québec

Throughout the city, decorations for the upcoming season were already in full force. As I have always wanted to visit Quebec City at Christmas time, I was thrilled. Most were tasteful and pretty; all that was missing was the snow! Here’s a selection:

After our walk, we jumped onto the bus which goes from near Montmorency Falls into downtown Quebec City. It was a pleasant ride through the small towns around QC. The bus dropped us almost at the gate to the old city. Vieux-Quebec is a UNESCO world heritage site. Here are the pics:

Skating rink inside Porte St. Jean.

Mmmmmm, crepes for lunch. Mine had cheese and asparagus.

The restaurant in which we ate the crepes.

Looking down into the Quartier Petit Champlain: shops and restaurants in the gorgeous stone buildings. I was delighted (I know it’s early) to see that the Christmas decorations were going up. I didn’t think they would be yet and I’ve always wanted to visit Quebec at Christmas. More about that in the next post.

The Funicular moves people from the lower streets of the old city up to the board walk beside the Chateau.

I never tire of old churches.

No end to the beautiful views.

Looking up at the Chateau Frontenac as the light is fading.