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Welcome blessed spring – new life and new possibilities! The cherry blossom season is beginning to wind down on the west coast of Canada. The slightest breeze sends a shower of petals swirling through the air. We feel fortunate to have a predominance of ornamental cherry and plum trees in our neighbourhood.

I have really been enjoying early morning walks lately. The light is so remarkable; the streets are coming to life. Here are a few shots from around the harbour in Victoria BC.


Houseboats at Fisherman’s Wharf.


The historic blue bridge catches a bit of sun peaking though the mist.


Looking up from the lower causeway at an early-blooming pink-blossomed tree, with the carillon and Royal BC Museum behind.


Colourful close up.

The cherry blossom spring is in full swing in our little west coast town. All the early cherry and plum trees are open, and the fluffy showy large blossom ones should be blessing us soon. Happy days.

Some pretty blossoms near our home.

Last year I made a bunch of needle-felted wool blossoms to adorn some bare branches; bringing the spring in! They were eventually turned into hair clips.