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We have had some magnificent west-coast weather happening lately; from spring-like days of chirping birds and blooming flowers, to threatening skies and torrential rain storms. Here are some photos of an 8 am sky from a few days ago. It was mesmerizing! The views are of James Bay near Fisherman’s Wharf, and out of the harbour across the straight towards the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.





I have really been enjoying early morning walks lately. The light is so remarkable; the streets are coming to life. Here are a few shots from around the harbour in Victoria BC.


Houseboats at Fisherman’s Wharf.


The historic blue bridge catches a bit of sun peaking though the mist.


Looking up from the lower causeway at an early-blooming pink-blossomed tree, with the carillon and Royal BC Museum behind.


Colourful close up.

I’ve been taking lots of early morning walks with a friend lately. Afterwards, we usually end up at the new Fol Epi location on Yates Street. They have very nice, perfectly brewed tea, and the coffee is good too.


Toast made from the bakery’s organic wood oven bread is available weekdays, and comes with maple cinnamon butter, or butter and house-made current jam.


The last little bit of Festive decor with early morning light.


View from the window seats, onto bustling Yates Street, Victoria BC.