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We really like Hudson. It’s a very quaint town of about 5000 residents, significantly anglophone. Many sweet shops and services, a public farmer’s market and very friendly people. We spent a quiet day, poking around the village and celebrating GJ’s birthday with a delicious cake my cousin commissioned a local baker to make for us. In the evening we attended a very special dinner at the local legion. It was an early Remembrance Day event with cadets presentation, dinner and guest speaker. An exceptional day.

GJ’s very delicious birthday cake!

A very cute town.

Apparently, the video store shows films in the large room above.

The Town Hall.

I enjoyed watching the squirrels’ attempts to infiltrate the bird feeders. My cousin’s partner had a different viewpoint!

The highlight of the Legion Remembrance Dinner was meeting a lovely 93-year-old woman who served in WWII and studied nursing at The Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. She still fits into her uniform and was truly delightful.


Nothing too exciting, just our usual waterfront walk on friday afternoon. Thought we’d have a nice walk before the long weekend began and everyone else had the same idea. Well, there were two cruise ships in port, so lots of people out enjoying the beautiful day! Met a lovely and adorable  English couple in matching fleece; so cute they were! Anyway, saw some new things blooming and ended the walk with the most delicious chocolate cake at our usual stop Tre Fantastico at the Parkside.

The angelica is all opening now along the waterfront. So majestic.

The papery bud just about to burst.

Beautiful, delicate wisteria frames this shot of one of the small lakes in Beacon Hill Park. Soon the lake will be full of mamma ducks and their babies.

The beautiful purple camas is everywhere in the park and along the waterfront. Found this one white one among the sea of purple.

Mmmmmmm cake.