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The highlight of our second full day in Hudson, apart from hanging out with most excellent family, was a walk in a wooded area near my cousin’s house. We saw sugar maples and much beauty.

Hudson is blessed with many lovely parks. The trails in this one make for great cross-country skiing in the winter.

Chipmunk! He’s blurry as he wouldn’t sit still!

A tap in a sugar maple missed when they were removed last season.

Very pretty little creek reflects the perfect stillness of the wood.

Not sure what this pretty ground cover is.

We really like Hudson. It’s a very quaint town of about 5000 residents, significantly anglophone. Many sweet shops and services, a public farmer’s market and very friendly people. We spent a quiet day, poking around the village and celebrating GJ’s birthday with a delicious cake my cousin commissioned a local baker to make for us. In the evening we attended a very special dinner at the local legion. It was an early Remembrance Day event with cadets presentation, dinner and guest speaker. An exceptional day.

GJ’s very delicious birthday cake!

A very cute town.

Apparently, the video store shows films in the large room above.

The Town Hall.

I enjoyed watching the squirrels’ attempts to infiltrate the bird feeders. My cousin’s partner had a different viewpoint!

The highlight of the Legion Remembrance Dinner was meeting a lovely 93-year-old woman who served in WWII and studied nursing at The Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. She still fits into her uniform and was truly delightful.


Up very early and off to the airport. Had a relatively pleasant flight and were met by my cousin who lives in Hudson, a small town just outside Montréal. Just had a lovely dinner and relaxed; met the new cat, toured the new house. Very happy to be there!

My cousin’s new cat, Jack Winston. He’s lovely!