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For our first full day in Montréal, we met up with some friends who were visiting from Toronto. We enjoyed some yummy crêpes in Vieux-Montréal at a café called Muru, wandered around in Chinatown, explored  Musée des Beaux-Arts (which is free for the permanent exhibits) and then left our friends and had delicious salads for dinner at M Café.

Pretty little crêpe café in Vieux-Montréal: Muru.

Montréal Chinatown art shot.

Montréal pigeons look different from Victoria pigeons.

Macaroons in the display case at M Café. Mmmmmm.

Upon arriving in Montréal, we couldn’t have been more delighted with our hotel: Le St Sulpice, Hôtel Montréal, 414 Saint-Sulpice in the heart of Vieux Montréal. The lobby was gorgeous, staff friendly and helpful, our room large, quiet, clean and very well appointed. Our five nights there were perfect. Once we settled in, we headed out for dinner. The lovely woman at the front desk recommended a very nice place just around the corner called Modavie. We were seated right away, and altho we couldn’t see it, we were able to enjoy listening to the live jazz which was performing on the second floor part of the restaurant.

Le St Sulpice, right beside Notre-Dame Basilica on rue Saint-Sulpice.

After we bundled up, my cousin took us and his sweet dog for a walk along the Montmorency River, just above the famous falls. There were a lot of icicles around the edges of the river. It was a perfect crisp and clear day.

As we came off the path to the river’s edge there were so many icicles hanging from the rocks and branches along the shore. These I liked with the red berries behind.

And more.

More pretty icicles.

My cousin and GJ exploring the rocks along the river.

This is Jasper; we love him.

The highlight of our second full day in Hudson, apart from hanging out with most excellent family, was a walk in a wooded area near my cousin’s house. We saw sugar maples and much beauty.

Hudson is blessed with many lovely parks. The trails in this one make for great cross-country skiing in the winter.

Chipmunk! He’s blurry as he wouldn’t sit still!

A tap in a sugar maple missed when they were removed last season.

Very pretty little creek reflects the perfect stillness of the wood.

Not sure what this pretty ground cover is.