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See the World Without Leaving Home on youtube:

Took the ladder and the new piece (See The World Without Leaving Home) over to Dales Gallery, a block from our home, on friday. It waits there to delight and inspire, and with any luck, will find a new home and someone else to love it! We’ll be posting a video of it in motion within the next few days.

From below; a long pull cord sets the piece in motion.

It looks so beautiful hanging at Dales, a gorgeous space.

Ship detail from below.

The moths to the flame.

Detail of the flying ship, upon which sits a tiny mansion.

The main body which houses the motors.

Detail of the globe.

It’s really coming together now! It will be a chandelier and so much more. I’m including here a better picture of the bit which started it all: the little air ship mansion in a walnut shell.

The main section is now hanging up to receive the next phase of work.

The globe portion in progress.

Flying ship.

GJ has been working away the last few days on a new piece. It’s early stages yet, but here’s a sneak peek:

What wonders await us when this little flying ship is incorporated into a new sculpture!