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My second full week in England will be spent in the perfectly lovely village of Mells, to which we will bus from the train hub of Frome.



The internet would have me believe Mells is idyllic, and I don’t doubt it. “One of the finest villages in England” is a quote from their website. It seems to me exactly the sort of place that will steal my heart and hold it captive forever. Mells certainly checks many of my boxes for a livable place: pretty, quaint, well organized, with a rich history, and a 25-mile walk and cycle trail – Colliers Way – right on it’s doorstep. And it’s less than four miles from the market town of Frome which has a thriving arts scene and regular market days. Other villages nearby include Coleford, Nunney (with it’s castle ruins), Whatley and Chantry. We also should try to get to Glastonbury.

During this week I will also be heading back to London for two nights to meet up with my sister, who will be in the UK at the same time. On the way back to Mells, a day in Bath is also on my agenda. Seems like a lot for a week!

We spent a lovely morning with my family, then my cousin drove us to the Metro station nearest her office. About 20 minutes later we popped up at the Central Station and waited to board the Via Rail train bound for Quebec City. We love travelling by train; it’s so relaxed and spacious, plus the snacks we bought on board were pretty good! In three hours we were arriving in QC and into the lovely company of another dear cousin and his partner who hosted us for the next five days.

My “art” shot. We sat in the last car and the sun was shining in as we pulled out of Montreal, so I took this pic of the back door. I liked the retro chrome and glass.

A beautiful sunset as we cross the river just before entering Quebec City.