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My beloved sister was also visiting the UK in October. As we don’t live close to each other, I took the opportunity to spend a couple days with her and her partner in London. We had a wonderful time exploring the city, eating and shopping. The weather was summer-like and perfect. Here are some of the highlights:


This intrigued me. I think it is in Soho.


So many gorgeous hotels.


Lunch at The Crypt, in St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square.


I loved all the layers of history and architecture. This is the Liberty building. The animatronics above the clock depict St George and the Dragon.


Beautiful Tower Bridge. I stayed not far from here.


Leaving Camden Market for a walk along the canal.


Last look at the Camden Canal, near St Mark’s Church. Many narrow boats were moored at it’s edges.


We enjoyed a remarkable dinner at Nopi in Soho. This was the most succulent Burrata with peaches and crunchy coriander seeds with a delicious dressing.


The Regent’s Park roses still blooming in abundance, in the middle of October! This one smelled particularly fine.


The Triton Fountain in The Regent’s Park.


The Regent’s Park has waterways and a boating lake.


We watched this gentleman feeding the birds. They were all eating from his hand. The grey goose to the right of him was looking at him so lovingly, and patiently waiting his or her turn for a handful of seed.


Sunset over the Thames, viewed from the bridge on Narrow Street, district of Limehouse, East London.

The summer of 2017 was perfect in Victoria! Lovely weather, and the city was alive with events and festivals of all kinds. Work life kept me very busy, but I made some time to enjoy the season.

We were honoured to be invited a second year to join friends for a big birthday party on Saturna Island. We had an amazing time! We rode our bikes again this year which was definitely part of the fun. Breezy Bay BnB is amazing!




On the next weekend we had a quick day trip to Vancouver followed by the Victoria Pride Parade, which was so joyous and colourful.


Of course, there were many long walks and some beach time with Annie. Another high fire season again this year in British Columbia, and more locally on Vancouver Island, brought some smokey days and eerie sunsets.


And, of course, we rode our bikes! We had a few rides with friends which always includes a packed snack of tea and cake, and participated in the Tweed Ride which raises funds for Bicycles for Humanity.



Hello dear followers, I have missed you! 2017 has certainly been an eventful year, filled with new adventures and possibilities. Fresh opportunities kept me busy, and I lost track of this self expression that I love. I plan to make time for it in the new year. For now I wish you all the Happiest New Year, filled with love and joy!


We have been having some beautiful days this month, almost verging on spring. Last week, while I was running errands as the sun was setting, I took some photos of the sky around the downtown Victoria area. Today it’s sunny again, just lovely!





A friend and I had another quick Vancouver day trip this week; this time by road. After running a couple errands we walked through gastown to the east side to visit Anne Starr fabrics, had a wonderful lunch at Nuba on East Hastings, and then retreated back to the ferry terminal and our journey home. Along the way we discovered two must-do places for the next visit: Ask for Luigi, an Italian restaurant, and Soft Peaks organic milk soft serve, both on Alexander Street. We were also treated to a magnificent sunset from the deck of the BC Ferries ship Coastal Celebration. Here are a couple shots form the still-industrial east side of Vancouver, plus that sunset.…





Our weather lately has been ridiculously lovely. Here are a few random pictures from Victoria BC.

Sunset from Dallas Road in James Bay.

Sunset from Dallas Road in James Bay.

My favourite, grape hyacinth.

My favourite, grape hyacinth.

Beautiful white-blossomed Magnolia trees in Chinatown.

Beautiful white-blossomed magnolia trees in Chinatown.

A misty view of Mt Baker in Washington State, taken from Summit Park.

A misty view of Mt Baker in Washington State, taken from Summit Park.

Pink on blue in the neighbourhood of Fairfield.

Pink on blue in the neighbourhood of Fairfield.

Our weather lately has lovely – clear crisp days and cold starlit nights. And, the daytime temperature are starting to be warmer; I have even seen a few folk wearing bare feet in flip flops the last few days. I’ve been enjoying some evening walks as well as early morning ones, and caught this gorgeous sunset a few nights ago.

Inner Harbour, Victoria BC – sunset, March 2, 2015.

Inner Harbour, Victoria BC – sunset, March 2, 2015.

Moonrise over The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria BC.

Moonrise over The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria BC.

Looking out at the entrance to the Inner Harbour near the Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria BC.

Looking out at the entrance to the Inner Harbour near the Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria BC.