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We are having a deliciously warm May in Victoria. Yesterday was a bit cooler, perfect for a cycle. I rode for a few kilometres along our Galloping Goose regional trail to run an errand, and discovered that I almost missed the blooming of the wild roses which line a section of the trail near downtown. I smelled them before I saw them, their intoxicating sweetness calling to all who came near. How remarkable is nature to give us such delights?


I don’t know enough about bees to identify any of these busy ladies. There were so many bees it was almost impossible to take a photo without one. They make me so happy.



On tuesday, we had the most incredible rain storm, or storms, as there was a spectacular one in the afternoon with thunder and lightening, plus a bonus evening downpour of epic proportions. I did not capture these, but instead, the gathering clouds and lead up. We had a lovely morning walk and were almost home when the first gentle drops began to fall. These were taken at the beach on Dallas Road, just below Beacon Hill Park: